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Warning : If you received tokens for free, it might be a scam!

Tips, Do not approve nor visit the sites

These tokens airdropped are based off existing projects / fakes, purpose is to rip off you moolah $$$.

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A background about me.

I am a small youtuber from Singapore running for 4 years, giving as many free content as possible, trying to give people earning opportunities and while doing that, there are malicious people trying to rip people off on their hard earn money.

On my youtuber channel, I review platforms and give full transparency towards the review, I give none bias reviews.

Why did I even created this website?

To warn every BSC Users about this free airdropped tokens, unfortunately, I can't possibly do this on my own, I only have 2.6k Subs, kinda small, So I need all of your help to spread the word!

I hate scammers, my mother had been scammed by scammers and it affected the family, so I totally understand how those felt, when they got scammed.

My future plans to warn users.

I had the thought of creating a token to airdrop it towards those addresses that holds the EVER Token.

But my skills are limited, I do not know solidity to code a smart contract with conditions and financially, It will cost about 43~46 bnb, these BNBs will be paid for transactions to the addresses holding the tokens.

This Is Serious and why you should share!

As the time of writing this 13/8/2021, there are around 3,271,516 addresses holding EVER and potentially a victim to this scam.

Just imagine 20% of those addresses which is 654,303 fall for the scam & saying each were to give $1, the scammer had generated $654,303 off his initial investment of 56.346 BNB estimated $20,661… that is 3066% return of investment!

Watch the video here.

Sources & Facts.

The largest Scam token EVER has been using up 56 BNB as fees (Link) under Txn Fees

Scammer has generated 300+ BNB based off this (Link) Under BNB Transfers

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By sharing this website & my YouTube channel

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By using the links on my video located in the descriptions & this website – It's all free.

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How these scam works?

How It All Started?

  • You will receive large quantity of tokens on your BSC Address out of no where, you will first check poocoin / pancakeswap for the price, normally you will be looking at 10~150 bnb worth of tokens being airdropped to you, you feel you became rich, but think twice.

What Will You Do Next?

  • You will naturally approve the token on Pancakeswap or Poocoin to execute the trade but the approval transaction will fail and on BSC Status It will show "Fail with error 'ERC20: token must be unlocked before approve. Visit 'thescamsite' for more info"
  • You will visit the website on your failed transaction or click on the token and see the same URL beside the Token name.
  • Once you are on the scam page, you will be prompt to "Unlock" / "Claim" / "Redeem" The tokens you received.
  • You will be prompt to connect your WEB3 wallet A.K.A Metamask on the scam site.

You Will Realize Your Money Is Gone, What Happened?!

These are the possible stuff that could've happened.

  1. When you connect your wallet on to their website, the website steals your private keys.
  2. When you approve the tokens, the smart contract was coded smartly and was able to transfer your coins to their addresses.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

What Can You Do To Prevent This From Happening?

  1. When you receive random tokens, click on to the token page & see if there is a URL on the Token Symbol, If it has it is a scam. Do not visit the sites.
  2. If you approved the tokens, do not panic, visit Unrekt to disapprove the token as soon as possible.
  3. Some of the tokens you receive can't be moved thus ignoring it and do not do anything with the tokens to be safe!
  4. Remember it's decentralized, Once it's sent out, no way of retrieving…

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Existing Token Airdrop Scams on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

To check on the token you received "CTRL+F" Paste the token address.

Note there are many many more future replicas of tokens on BSC to steal people's money!

Updated 01/09/2021 | 16:40hrs SGT

Copy of = copying existing legit projects to use their brand to scam people.

This are the existing airdrops you can verify with your own wallet & Avoid going to their sites! (EVER) " Largest Scam Airdrop Token On BSC."

Contract Address : 0x5190B01965b6E3d786706Fd4a999978626C19880 (FLUX)

Contract Address : 0xb16600c510b0f323dee2cb212924d90e58864421

ALPACAFIN.COM/AlpacaDrop.Org (ALPACA) " Copy Of ALPACAFinance"

Contract Address : 0x373233a38ae21cf0c4f9de11570e7d5aa6824a1e

Contract Address : 0x026222b0954457b5b12fa5fd8471238cf4e6749c

Contract Address : 0xb926BEB62d7A680406E06327c87307C1FFC4aB09 (VERA)

Contract Address : 0x0df62d2cd80591798721ddc93001afe868c367ff

AliceDrop.Com (ALICE)

Contract Address : 0x89e0262ec34311564b4e43d416218d38d4db879c (Original) "Fund Raiser Type Scam"

Contract Address : 0x36ab72472db0d5ca55a451d324b36a3230bf8674


Contract Address : 0x585de5430f47aba099bebd21ef133272c38db7a6

Minereum BSC (MNEB) "Unlock To Mine"

Contract Address : 0xd22202d23fe7de9e3dbe11a2a88f42f4cb9507cf

PupDogeClaim.Com (PupDoge) "Unlock To Claim Scam"

Contract Address : 0x7269163f2b060fb90101f58cf724737a2759f0bb

FegSwap.Net (FEG)

Contract Address : 0xf3822314b333cbd7a36753b77589afbe095df1ba (TWT) "Copy Of Official TWT"

Contract Address : 0x58ed15a338f179fd0fbbe951cee9de90d5bb29a0

Contract Address : 0x575b0339a30d5f29dcbc444ab28f2b194a5e2fa7 (VELO) "Copy Of Official VELO"

Contract Address : 0xC7Ef1bff46cD025509CF5e55FA5Cd5c14793CBFF


Contract Address : 0x569b2cf0b745ef7fad04e8ae226251814b3395f9 (AIR) "Copy Of Official AIR"

Contract Address : 0x8Ee3E98DCCeD9f5D3Df5287272f0b2d301D97C57 "Copy Of Official AIR"

Contract Address : 0xbC6675DE91e3DA8eAc51293ecb87c359019621CF


Contract Address : 0x5558447b06867ffebd87dd63426d61c868c45904

Contract Address : 0xc33fc11b55465045b3f1684bde4c0aa5c5f40124

Contract Address : 0xab57aef3601cad382aa499a6ae2018a69aad9cf0

Contract Address : 0x15351604e617d9f645b53ee211d9c95ba88297df

Contract Address : 0x7d9c3bd1eb0b0a8921fab9c57e26e05518d87b4d

Contract Address : 0x1882c296ebfa916a0ad194cfa0094c5e0086ba03

Contract Address : 0xb8a9704d48c3e3817cc17bc6d350b00d7caaecf6

Contract Address : 0x119e2ad8f0c85c6f61afdf0df69693028cdc10be

Contract Address : 0x57dbae4b73455bc0d3e892ae57779160961f0f03

If you guys wishes to see a token AlertScam Being Airdropped To All Address Holding EVER Scam Tokens

Contact me and I would appreciate Devs & financial help

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